Directions and Tour Information

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Our 30 Foot Deluxe Pontoon Boat with an on-board restroom "Blu Byu" and our 20 foot Pontoon is located at Shelly's Seafood & Fish Market 5380 S Boulevard Homosassa Florida 34448 One block down from Mcrae's! 

 Our Heated Cabin Yacht - Adventure Craft with an on-board restroom is located just a few minutes from the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park at the beautiful Seagrass Waterfront Restaurant and Resort at 10386 Halls River Rd. Turn off 19 on to W Halls River Rd by the Publix Grocery store and continue to the address located on the left. For information onThe Seagrass Waterfront Restaraunt and Resort please click on the link on the Home Page. It is a fantastic place to relax by the bar or have lunch or dinner overlooking the beauty of the homosassa River. Lodging is also available. Please check for availability!

What to Bring

If at all possible please come already dressed in your bathing suit so that it makes it easier and faster to get you suited up in your wet suit and get under way. Wear some loose fitting cloths to go over your suit to help keep you warm on the way on those chilly winter days. This will also give you something to change back in to after your trip. Bring a towel for each person in your party if possible. If you can't please let us know ahead of time so we can provide one for you. You may want to bring some sunscreen and lip balm especialy if you will be enjoying a Kayack or spending time out on the deck of the boat in the sun. Because space is limited we do ask that you only bring aboard the essentials that are necesary. Please inform us if there is any medical conditions or physical or mental limitations that we need to be aware of. We keep this information confidential and never want to embarras anyone. However are goal is to help keep everone safe.

When to Arrive

It is very important to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time. This way it helps us get you fitted for your wet suit, snorkel and mask and enables us to get underway on time. If you have booked a private tour and are running a little late please call us to let us know so we can keep Captain Wyn informed. If you are part of a semi private tour and are running a little late once again is important to call. After all, we may have other guest that will be unhappy if there tour is being delayed and we don't like to make anyone unhappy! The boat will get underway no later then 15 minutes after it's scheduled departure and there are no refunds issued so you can see the importance of being on time.

What to Expect

Our goal is to simply deliver a River Tour that is all about natures beauty, fun and adventure! We want to make you as comfortable as possible and help you have what we will hope to be nothing short of a magical experience. When you step aboard you are not only are guest but in a way will become part of our crew to insure that we all come together to have a great time. Every guest is required to sign a waiver releasing Captain Wyn and Blue Heaven River Tours of any liabilty for any injuries that could occur. We will offer complementary Hot Chocolate for winter tours and bottled water will be available nut we welcome you to bring 6own food and drinks! We love the Manatees and also look to create an atmosphere that is both educational as well as safe not only for our pasangers but the Manatees as well. Our Scallop Tours, Sunset Tours and Fun in the Sun Tours  are our pride and joy as well and we know you will love the experience!Captain Wyn and his First Mate Judy look forward to any questions you may have and have an attidude of grattiude that you have chosen Blue Heaven River Tours for your River Tour experience. We want you to sit back and relax and let us do the work while you enjoy Natures magnificent beauty! We look forward to seeing you soon!

"Don't worry be Happy"

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