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   Peak Manatee Season is from November 15th through April 15th 

Special Prices: Our Private Tours are less than some other companies Semi Private Tours! Scroll down for more info!

 The best way to enjoy "Social Distancing " is by being outside on the water and we have the Perfect Private Tours on the Perfect Boats! All of our boats are cleaned, disinfected and set up with plenty of space for family and friends! Don't get stuck on some old cold boat when you can stay warm and safe on a deluxe Pivate Tour for less! We attract researchers and have a passion for delivering the best Manatee and River Experience! 
Step aboard and let us be your designated Captain!!! 
We are so Excited and we are ready for  Manatee season!!! Our most popular Tours are Swimming with and Viewing the Manatees and we love what we do! *Special prices on all Private Manatee Tours! We offer 4 Boats to choose from and furnish everything you need to stay warm on the perfect Manatee adventure! Check out our Heated Cabin Yacht, Heated 30 Foot Pontoon, Both with on-board restrooms or our Special Heated Cute C Dory that is perfect for couples or our Deluxe 20 foot pontoon for that Back-Water Adventure and check out all our 5 Star Reviews to see why we are #1 on TripAdvisor!!! We offer Private Tours for less than some of the Semi Private Tours from other companies and you don't have to get stuck on some old cold crowded pontoon or deck boat when you can enjoy one of heated boats for about the same price!
Private Tours start as low as $195.00! To book simply click the "Book Now Button ". If you have any questions call 352-322-3722 and let Captain Duane or Captain Ron create the perfect tour for your ultimate Manatee and River Adventure! Our most popular tour times are 8:00 AM, 8:30, 11:30 and 12:00 PM Eastern time! 
Homosassa Florida Location: Here is some information on all our Tours:
Manatee Tours- Manatee Tours that are simply amazing! We furnish everthing you need from Wetsuits that fit all shapes and sizes from children sizes as small as age 3 and Adults up to 5 XL. We also have Swim Noodles, Masks, Snorkels, Hot Chocolate along with the Best boats and Captains for the ultimate Manatee Experience! Click on our Manatee Tour Page for more information or the Book Now Button to see more details and to Book you Tour!  
Tour Prices: Private Tours 
20 Foot Deluxe Pontoon or Heated Cute C Dory Specials 
Two People Private Tour 3 Hour $195.00 / 3 people $245.00
4 people $295.00 / 5 people $320.00  / 6 people $345.00
Heated Cabin Yacht with on-board  restroom 3Hour $350.00 for up to 6 people 
30 Foot Heated Deluxe Pontoon with on-board restroom 3 Hour $350.00 for up to 6 people 
Four Hour Tours are also available! Wetsuits, swim noodles, masks, snorkels along with your own Coastguard approved Captain included!
We also offer many other Tours for the Perfect River Adventure!
Nature Tours- When you just want to enjoy a nice time on the water!
Fun in the Sun Tours- Homosassa - Swim and Play and enjoy a Paddleboard, play mat for the kids and all the toys for family and friends!
Scallop Tours- Homosassa Florida - July 1st through September 24th It's like a Giant under water Easter Egg Hunt! Definitely one of our most popular tours!!! Due to a very high demand we recommend booking early! If you are interested in Scallop Tours in Port St Joe please call to book or click the Book Button for Scalloping in both locations!
Manatee Tours- The Spring and Summer is our off Season and we recommend early morning tours for the best chance to see Manatees!
Scallop Tours: See why we are #1 on TripAdvisor with over 290 Five Star Reviews! Three great boats to choose from! We furnish everthing you need and we know where the Scallops are!
Scallop Season: Our main location is in Homosassa Florida: July 1st through September 21st.
Our Port St. Joe location is for Scalloping Tours only and is open from August 16th through september 21st. Call to book your Port St Joe location Scallop Tour or click on the Scallop Page for prices and information!
Click the Blue Book Now Button' below for Prices,Tour Times, Availability and to Securely & Easily Book on Line and remember if it says "Call to Book" call us, as we may still have availability! 
 Call 352-322-3722 
We are open 7 days a week and are now accepting reservations for all our Tours!
#1 on TripAdvisor!!!
Best Boats, Best Prices and Bests Captain's!
Private Tours for family and friends! 

 Manatee Tours

Nothing Beats a Day on the Water with Family and Friends! Just Google Best Places in the World to Swim with the Manatees and that is where you will find Blue Heaven River Tours! We are proud to be #1 on TripAdvisor!  Click here to learn more....

 Fun in the Sun Tours

Why just Rent a Boat when you can climb aboard our Deluxe Shaded 30 Foot Pontoon Boat with an on-board restroom for less! We have all the Toys! Step aboard and let us be your Designated Captain!  Click here to learn more....

 Nature & Dolphin Tours

Why Rent a Boat when you can Charter a Deluxe Shaded 30 Foot Pontoon Boat with an on-board Restroom for less! Come enjoy all the beauty of the Homosassa River!
Venture arround Monkey Island up to th clear water of the Springs or out to the beautiful estuary and see "Old Florida" at it's best! Click here to learn more....

 Sunset Tours

Come Enjoy our Beautiful Sunset Tours or Booze Cruise Tours! The Homosassa River is simply gorgeous and the Sunsets are Beautiful! Pack a cooler with your favorite beverages and step aboard and let us be your Designated Captain!   Click here to learn more....

Scallop Tours

Our Scallop Tours are simply second to none! Come join us for what many call a Giant Underwater Easter Egg Hunt! Our 30 Foot Deluxe Shaded Pontoon with an on-board Restroom is like a Party on the Patio and all our boats arefurnished with everything you need! Best Boats, Best Captain's, Best Prices!  Click here to learn more....

 Everyone that visits our boats and our beautiful location says that the pictures simply don't do them justice!

We have two convenient locations on the Homosassa River 

Our Deluxe Heated Cabin Yacht for Manatee Tours is located at the

Seagrass Waterfront Restaurant and Resort

10386 W Halls River Rd

Homosassa Florida 34448 

Our 30 foot Heated Pontoon with an on-board restroom along with our 20 foot Deluxe  Pontoon  are located at

Shelly's Seafood and Fish Market 5380 S Boulevard Dr Homosassa Florida 34448

Our brand new beautiful heated 22 foot C Dory is also heated and is the perfect Manatee boat for couples or a private tour for a group of four!

We are Rated #1 on TripAdvisor with all 5 Star Reviews!

Best Boats, Best Captain's, Best Prices, Awesome Scallop Tours, Manatee tours, Monkey Island, Gorgeous Scenery, Great Restaurants, Beautiful River & More! It just doesn't get any better than this!

 Scallop Tours: Our Scallop Tours are amazing!

 Scalloping is like a giant underwater Easter Egg hunt!


 Scallop Season in Homosassa is open from July 1st through September 24th! We have three great boats to choose from for your perfect Homosassa Scallop Adventure and our beautful C Dory is the perfect boat for Port St. Joe! We furnish everything you need from Masks, Fins, Fishing License and most importantly we know where the Scallops are!!! Step aboard and let us be your designated Captain!

Our Port St Joe location is open from August 16th through September 24th and we only have our Cute C Dory available for tours. Call to book your Scallop Tour for Port St Joe and as we are limited on availability.  

 Fun in the Sun Tours: Why rent a boat when you can Charter a Deluxe 30 Foot Pontoon with an on-board restroom for less! Pack a picnic and enjoy the a great day on the on the beautiful  Homosassa River! Our Fun in the Sun Tours have all the toys and it include an awesome Paddleboard,  swim noodles,  swim mat for the kids to play on, masks snorkels and everything you need for the perfect day on the water! See Monkey Island and the beautiful clear water of the Springs, Eat, Drink, Relax and Explore! It just doesn't get any better than this!
Manatee Tours: Our Manatee tours start to fill up quickly and we recommend advance reservations! Custom Private Tours that everyone agrees are simply a great way to have fun while Social Distancing on the water!
4 Great Boats with all the equipment you need including wetsuits, swim noodles, masks, snorkels and great pictures upon request for the perfect Manatee Adventure! Pick the perfect boat for your budget that is taylor made for the amount of people in your party!
Remember,  that Manatees are attracted to the Springs in cool weather. Please keep your expectations realistic as although we are in charge of the fun, Mother Nature is in charge of the Manatees! Peak Season for Manatee Tours runs from November 15th through April !5th! Spring and Summer Tours are available and we recommend earlier mornig tours and ask that all guests keep their expectations realistic! Spring and Summer tours are definitely beautiful, however even though nwe have a reputation for finding Manatees when others may not we like to be up front and let all our guests know that it is a 50% chance of seeing Manatees during the late Spring and Summer off Season! However if you have the attitude of grattitude and love looking for fish, turtles, gorgeous homes, Monkey Island and look at the opportunity to possibly see Manatees or Dolphins along with all the beautiful birdlife then this is a great tour. However, if you want to up your chances of seeing Manatees to about 98% then we recomend booking your tour during the peak cooler weather months!
Scallop Tour Prices - Homosassa Location:
We do 6 hour tours for about the same price as most companies 4 hour tours and we only do one tour per day per boat. This way you can pack a picnic and not be rushed and enjoy all the beauty of the Homosassa River and take the time to gather those delicious Scallops!
 30 Foot Deluxe Shaded Pontoon with on-board restroom - All Tours are Private!
6 Hour Tour - 1 to 4 people - $395.00 + $50.00 for each additional guest.
20 Foot Deluxe Pontoon - 6 Hour Private Tour - 1 to 4 people - $350.00 + $50.00 for each additional guest!  This is a great boat for exploring the Back-Waters and taking a short cut to the Scallop grounds!
Our Cute C Dory Boat - Homosassa Location - 6 Hour Private Tour - 1 to 4 people - $350.00 + $50.00 for each additional guest! Th, howeveris Boat is recomended for groups of 4 or less, however if you don't mind being close then it will hold 6!
Port St. Joe Location - 4 Hour Tour - 1 to 4 people - $350.00 / 6 Hour Tour - $450.00
+ $50.00 for each additional guest! 
Ask about our two person special!
All Boats are limited to 6 guests and we do furnish everything you need! If you have more than 6 guests than call us as we can accommodate!

Our Private Manatee Tour Prices:

All our boats are cleaned, sanitized and set up for the ultimate Private Tour that is the perfect way for you to have a fantastic experience while Social Distancing on the Water!

We have Two Person Private Tours for $195.00  (Special applies to our C Dory or our 20 foot pontoon!)

Three or Four Person Private Tours for $245.00 to $295.00   (Special applies to our C Dory or our 20 foot pontoon!)

Five or Six Person Private Tours for $325.00 to $350.00 

Spring & Summer Special - 4 hour Tour on our 30 foot Deluxe Pontoon is $400.00

If you have more than six people then call us as we would love to customize your Tour for the ultimate Manatee Experience!

For a detailed description of each of our boats just click on the Manatee Tour Page for all the details! 

 Fun in the Sun Tours : Private tours for up to 6 people. 4 Hour Tour - $395.00

6 Hour Tour - $495.00 & 8 Hour Tour - $595.00

 Dolphin / Nature Tours: Private Tours for up to 6 people. 3 Hour Tour - $350.00

4 Hour Tour - $450.00 * Ask us about our 2, 3, & 4 person private tour Specials!

Call and let Captain Duane and Captain Ron  create the perfect tour- 352-322-3722

Swimming with the Manatees is definitely an experience of a lifetime and the only way to describe the Homosassa River and Blue Heaven River Tours is simply Manatee Magic! We welcome all ages and whether you want to get in the water or just want to enjoy the beautiful Homosassa River from the boat it will definitely be a day you will always remember! 

Some of the most common comments about are Manatee Tours is how nice it is to be able to choose from all our great boats! Our 30 Foot Shaded Deluxe Heated Pontoon with an on-board restroom is like a party on the patio! This boat has a great swim ladder that makes it easy to climb aboard! Our 20 Foot New Deluxe Pontoon is also the perfect boat for couples or groups up to 6 and can go under the bridges for that cool Backwater Manatee, or Fun in the Sun Adventure! Then of course our Adventure Craft Cabin Yacht with an on-board restroom is the perfect boat to be able to stay warm when it is cold for our Winter Manatee Tours yet enjoy the outside seating and upstairs Flybridge when it warms up and is our #1'sought after boat! We also offer our brand new C Dory that is another perfect boat for couples or a group of 4. All our Boats are the perfect way to enjoy Social Distancing on the water! Our boats are so close the Springs and the Homosassa Nature Park which means you spend a lot less time getting ready and traveling and a lot more time enjoying your Snorkel Adventure! Our 30 Foot Deluxe Shaded Pontoon Boat and our 20 foot Pontoon has easy docking and is close to Monkey Island as well as so many of the wonderful restaurants that make it easy to catch bite to eat after a fun day on the water! When you arrive we will do everything we can to make your River Adventure the best you have ever had. We can take you from the Blue Water of the Springs all the way past Monkey Island and as far as the Gulf to see all the beautiful sights of the Homosassa River, the Estuary and Beyond!

All equipment is furnished, including mask, snorkels, wet suits for our Manatee Tours as well as fins, fishing license and everything you need for your Scallop Tour, ManateeTour, Fun in the Sun Tour to experience a fantastic day on the Homosassa River. Our Cabin Yacht tour boat is not your average old crowded and cold pontoon boat. It is a beautiful Cabin Yacht with warm indoor seating that is climate controlled for your comfort and is equipped with a restroom and comfortable seating for your winter time Manatee Tour Experience!

The following video is provided to the public from the FWC to help educate visitors and guests on the proper way to interact with Manatees! Although our Tours are located on the Homosassa River and not the Crystal River we still follow the same general guidelines and strive to help protect the Manatees while creating an awesome experience for our guests!

Manatee Snorkeling with Blue Heaven River Tours from Kate Rister on Vimeo.

Our Cabin Yacht not only has wonderful indoor seating with so many glass windows so you can experience a panoramic view of the river. It also has wonderful outdoor seating and a second story Flybridge and sundeck that enables you to see all the Fish and Manatees and Wildlife even better! With an easy access ladder to get in and out of the water it makes the trip both scenic as well as easy to enjoy the beauty of the Springs and these amazing animals! With our boat docked at the beautiful Seagrass Restaurant and Resort so you can also enjoy relaxing at the bar or having a wonderful lunch or dinner while overlooking the river. Our second boat is our beautiful Trident 30 foot heated pontoon boat with an on-board restroom. This vessell is so comfortable and has so much room it is like a party on the patio and although we use it for our Manatee and Nature Tours, it is also our main Scallop Tour Boat and Fun in the SunTour boat that everyone raves about being the safest and most comfortable boat on the water! The Homosassa river is made up of one main spring and many hidden springs that keep the water temperature around 72 degrees to not only attract the Manatees but make it comfortable even in those colder winter months. The beautiful Estuary that leads out to the Gulf is simply breathtaking and once you get out to the Scallop grounds of the Gulf the only way to describe it is Paradise! We look forward to having you aboard to what so many say can be a life changing experience. Swimming with these gentle giants is an experience for both young and old that will have you telling all your family and friends about and Scalloping is an adventure for the family that is like no other! We also offer Sunset tours, Fun in the Sun Tours, Dolphin Tours, Fishing tours and all our tours go around Monkey Island and enloyall the beauty of the HomosassaRiver. Ask about adding a Kayaks or a paddleboard and let your family and friends take turns enjoying the full experience of being on the river. Our location and service will have you wanting to keep coming back!

Best Boats, Best Captain's, Best Prices!

That's why we are #1 on TripAdvisor for things to do in Homosassa Florida and why we have so many of our guest return year after year!

So whether you want a Manatee Tour, Fun in the Sun Tour, Nature / Dolphin Tour or Scallop Tour step aboard and let us be your designated Captain for the Adventure of a lifetime! Pack a lunch or visit your favorite restaurant and see why we have visitors from all over the world come to the beautiful Homosassa River and Blue Heaven River Tours!

Here are some helpful links to both our Chattanooga TN Boat Tour location

as well as our beautiful Vacation Cabin in Chattanooga as well as

the Seagrass Waterfront Restaurant and Resort located in Homosassa.




Seagrass offers wonderful food and drinks and has a beautiful location on the Waterfront of the Homosassa River!

Check out their Boat - The Island Girl for Semi Private Tours for individuals and groups! The perfect Tour for those that want to spend just over an hour on the water sightseeing and relaxing! Ask about a cruise and dinner combo!


We look forward to hearing from you with any questions and hope to have you all aboard!

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